Landscape Itinerary n. 1

Pieve di Teco - Viozene

Going along the State Road 453 from Albenga, you will arrive near Pieve di Teco (km 22), which can be avoided with the new tunnel route of State Road 28 and can continue towards Colle di Nava while the landscape becomes decidedly alpine.

The wide pass of Colle di Nava (934 m) connects the Upper Arroscia Valley with the Upper Tanaro Valley and gives access to a pleasant plateau surrounded by wooded slopes.

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Landscape Itinerary n. 2

Arma di Taggia - Passo Teglia - Rezzo - Imperia - Arma di Taggia

From Arma di Taggia take the Provincial Road of Valle Argentina which, immediately after Taggia, narrows considerably to climb, always in view of the stream and with a moderate slope, up to Badalucco (km 10), valuable in its oldest core and characterized by two spectacular bridges, one at the beginning and one at the end of the town.

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Landscape Itinerary n. 3

Imperia Oneglia - Colle Garezzo

From Imperia - along the State Road 28 of Colle di Nava, just beyond Pieve di Teco in the Acquetico area – divert to Mendatica (m 782- km 35).

A few steps before entering the village, next to a characteristic fountain, a dirt track develops to the left to Montegrosso Pian Latte. In a short stretch, a detour on the right takes you in view of the small church of Santa Margherita which houses a cycle of frescoes of the 15th and 16th centuries.

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Landscape Itinerary n. 4

Bordighera - Rocchetta Nervina

From Bordighera, going along the Aurelia, after 4 km you can turn into Val Nervia, where you will soon reach Camporosso (beautiful historical center) and Dolceacqua (km 11) announced by the famous bridge and the looming Doria Castle.

A little further on, turn left into the valley flowed through by the Barbaira stream with a beautiful view over the torrent that runs down to the right and, in a short while, you’ll reach Rocchetta Nervina (km 17).

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Landscape Itinerary n. 7

Imperia Oneglia - Borgomaro - Pantasina - Dolcedo - Imperia Porto Maurizio

From Imperia Oneglia, upon leaving the sea, take the State Road 28 and, going along the road, cross Pontedassio and find on the left the ruins of the tower and oratory of Santa Lucia.

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